Seasonal Activities


  • Bringing Mary's Yes to the Classroom

    by Lynn Wehner

    Surely Mary said yes to God many times during her life. But we think most about the time when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her, speaking to her of God’s amazing plan for the Incarnation. Though she had questions, Mary trusted the Lord and embraced … read more

  • Attention K-12 Catechists

    by RTJ's Creative Catechist Staff

    ENTRIES SOUGHT FOR FAMILY ROSARY’S2015 “TRY PRAYER! IT WORKS!” CONTESTEASTON, Mass. – The call for entries has been announced for the 2015 “Try Prayer! It Works!” Contest. In this national competition sponsored by … read more

  • Father, Forgive Them

    by Woodene Koenig-Bricker

    Forgiveness is a major theme in Scripture. Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, God continually forgives the people of Israel for their transgressions. However, the old tribal law of an “eye for an eye” still continued to govern actions. With Christ, we… read more

  • Bring Lent to Life & Change Lives

    by Eric Clayton

    The themes of Lent can be tricky to present in the classroom. Students may be hesitant to give up chocolate, soda, and meat on Fridays because they don’t understand what role these seemingly small sacrifices can play in their lives—or in … read more

  • Celebrate St. Nicholas By Serving Others

    by Connie Clark

    At the start of Advent, tell your students the story of St. Nicholas. Organize simple service projects as a memorable tradition for every December 6.   For example, a visit from St. Nicholas is a fun way for older students to connect to younger … read more

  • Lenten Prayer Service

    by Gwen Costello

    Note to catechist: Use this prayer service anytime during the six weeks of Lent. You might want to use the paper cross described below as a focal point for all your Lenten prayers. To prepare: In or near your prayer space hang a large cross made out… read more

  • St. Thérèse of Lisieux: The Little Flower

    by RTJ's Creative Catechist Staff

    St. Thérèse saw herself as a child of God, simple like a tiny wildflower blooming where God had planted her. She pleased God by doing small tasks each day with joy and love in her heart for God and others. We, too, can learn from St. Th… read more

  • St. Teresa’s "Into the Mud" Cookies

    by Anne E. Neuberger

    It is believed that St. Teresa of Ávila was dumped into mud when her carriage overturned. As you make these cookies with the children, ask them if they ever fell into some mud. Have them picture in their mind what St. Teresa looked like covered … read more

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