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By Rosanne Coffey

As I write this column, I remember how I put my lesson plans together when I was teaching. It wasn’t the topic I had trouble with (because the teacher’s manual and scope and sequence chart provided that), but it was how to present the lesson. What would be the best way to introduce it? What would be the most engaging way to make it fun for the kids and me—and yet still reach the objective?

I usually had a variety of resources open on my desk because I wanted to get it just right. I would incorporate an art project, a song, a game, or I would partner children to work on the concept. Though this took a lot of time, I was usually rewarded by the enthusiasm of the children and how much they learned and remembered.

My hope is that RTJs Creative Catechist will be your go-to resource. With each issue I think, “How can I make it more useful, engaging, practical, and valuable?” With every column and article, I imagine how you will use it with those you teach.

For this November/December issue, I hope you have some “me” time to read Kathy Hendricks’ article “5 Ways to pray during Advent.” Then take time during one of your classes to focus on our Catholic teaching about stewardship; do the ritual on page 8 and/or the activity on page 10 with your students. During the class right before Christmas, read the story “Abram and the baby,” which has lessons for every child you teach. Reflect on “Exploring the Sunday gospels” where you’ll find creative ways to enliven the readings with your class. There’s all this and so much more in this issue.

Don’t forget to send me an email about which articles and columns worked best for you, and know that you and those you teach are always in my prayers!

Blessings on all you do,

Rosanne Coffey

Editor Rosanne Coffey

Rosanne was named editor of RTJ's Creative Catechist in April 2010. She was previously advertising manager and worked in marketing for RTJ's Creative Catechist, Today's Parish and God's Word Today. For over 20 years she taught in Catholic schools. She has also been a catechist and associate director for the Norwich Diocesan Office for Faith Formation.

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