Catechism of the Catholic Church


  • First Teachers

    by Lisa Mladinich

    A wholesome family life can foster interior dispositions that are a genuine preparation for a living faith and remain a support for it throughout one’s life (CCC #2225).   As catechists, most of us have struggled to teach children whose … read more

  • Sharing the Trinity with Children

    by Lee Danesco

    There are few topics on any catechist’s teaching schedule more intimidating than the Trinity. You assume that trying to teach the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to eight-year-olds can only lead to catastrophe. You cringe at the thought.  … read more

  • Growing Faith

    by Bill Huebsch

    “Catechesis for adults,” the General Directory for Catechesis tells us in article 59, “…must be considered the chief form of catechesis. All other forms, which are indeed always necessary, are in some way oriented to it.&rdquo… read more

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