• The King of Kings Came as a Child

    by Pat Gohn

    The most marvelous exchange is not the gift giving or receiving that often accompanies this holy season. It is what takes place in us in through grace, thanks to the incarnation—Jesus Christ being born among us. Thanks to the most extraordinary… read more

  • Four Ways to Find Jesus At Mass

    by Lisa Mladinich

    “The bread that we break, is it not a participation in the body of Christ? Because the loaf of bread is one, we, though many, are one body, for we all partake of the one loaf.” (1 Corinthians 10:16–17)  Many years ago I interviewed … read more

  • Liturgy: ever changing, ever new

    by Deborah McCann

    I’m always intrigued by what impressions children take away from liturgy. When we sing a seasonal psalm or a song tied into the Sunday readings, they wonder why the children’s songs were more fun than upstairs. Some want to know why we can… read more

  • New prayers, same Mass

    by Mitch Finley

    Changing the prayers of the Mass is not something Catholics take lightly. Parishes throughout the English-speaking world are now in the process of coming to grips with a new translation of those very prayers. In 2009, after several years of work, the… read more

  • Teaching liturgical literacy

    by Rita Burns Senseman

    “Mom, can I take notes during Mass today?” my nine-year-old daughter, Rachel, asked as we drove to church on August 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. Granted, her motive was not some noble study of the sacred liturgy. Rather we … read more

  • Three Keys for teaching the Eucharist: Story, ritual, life

    by Michael J. Daley

    One of my earliest memories of the Eucharist comes from my first Communion. I can still picture myself wearing my brother’s disco-inspired, second-hand leisure suit. Freed from the 1970s, I thankfully have come to a deeper understanding of the … read more

  • Teaching from the table

    by Jo Rotunno

    One Sunday morning in May in the 1950s, a little blue-eyed Catholic six-year-old woke up hungry but knew there would be no eggs and pancakes that morning. It was her first Communion day, and she was fasting for the first time. She was excited to be doing… read more

  • Guess who’s coming to dinner?

    by Joann Heaney-Hunter

    Twenty-five years ago, Pope John Paul II reminded families that they were called not only to find Christ in the family, but to become Christ (Familiaris Consortio, 49); in other words, families are to be “sacraments” of Christ in the world. Augustine… read more

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