• Welcomed, Included & Loved

    by Daria Sockey

    Eleven-year-old Emily has Down syndrome. She attended religion class with her peers during kindergarten and first grade but then dropped out when the material became too difficult. Emily’s mom thinks she might be ready now for first penance and… read more

  • Sacraments: God's Life in Us

    by Pat Gohn

    New life abounds in spring, and it is a popular season for receiving sacraments, especially those received for the first time! As new life springs forth in creation, the Catholic Church celebrates something even more majestic and powerful: The holy Easter season reveals… read more

  • Examine Your Heart

    by Jared Dees

    In preparation for the sacrament of penance and reconciliation, most of us use an examination of conscience inspired by the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament. The Ten Commandments offer a natural structure by which we can thoroughly examine our hearts, but what… read more

  • Preparing for First Reconciliation

    by Dr. Kathy Kleinlein

    It’s 1957 and you are seven years old. You stumble into a tiny dark closet, fumbling around for the kneeler so you don’t fall. After a few fearful minutes of hearing muffled voices from the other side of the wooden slider, it scrapes open… read more

  • Confirmation Boot Camp

    by Sarah Reinhard

    For quite a few years, I remember hearing complaints about how confirmation classes were required and there was no way to get out of them, barring serious illness or death. But recently it seems there are more excuses for not attending confirmation classes&mdash… read more

  • Children and Reconciliation

    by Ted Fleet

    “I fought with my sister.”  “I forgot to feed my dog.”  “My brother picks on me.”  “Um … um … I don’t remember.”  Yes, it’s time once again in our parish for… read more

  • It's not just confession anymore

    by Lori Schaab

    Remember those dark confessionals and muffled voices? Remember how you felt when the priest slid back the door and it was your turn? Many adult Catholics feel uncomfortable with the sacrament of reconciliation because of these remembrances. Instead of experiencing… read more

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation

    by RTJ's Creative Catechist Staff

    As a catechist, you are an important guide in helping children understand the sacraments as well as all the details and symbols that are part of the rituals. In the sacrament of reconciliation the whole experience is about God searching for the lost … read more

  • The sacrament of confirmation

    by RTJ's Creative Catechist Staff

    The following is the prayer that accompanies "The call of confirmation" found on pages 12 and 13 of the January 2011 issue of RTJ's Creative Catechist.   Prayer to use for a confirmation lesson Let Us Pray… O God, you give us the sacrament of confirmation to… read more

  • Catechetical Sunday 2010

    by RTJ's Creative Catechist Staff

    In honor of Catechetical Sunday and its theme: Marriage as a Sacrament of Enduring Love, we offer this reflection, prayer, and activity for catechists and those they teach. Click here to read more… read more

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