Exploring the Sunday gospels April 2012

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By Gwen Costello

April 29
4th Sunday of Easter
John 10:11-18

For your reflection
“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and they know me.” Jesus knows all your difficulties, joys, and challenges as a catechist. He is your shepherd, guiding and loving you as you plan your lessons and as you teach them.

With your class
Explain to children that Jesus used the image of a shepherd to express his love for them. They are not sheep, of course, but he cares for each just as a shepherd does the sheep. Ask: How does Jesus guide you each day? Then give each this message on a small note: “Jesus says, I am your shepherd.”

Gwen Costello

Gwen Costello is author of A Prayerbook for Catechists and Blessed Are You! A Prayerbook for Catholics, both available from Twenty-Third Publications.

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