Exploring the Sunday gospels May 2012

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Photo by Mike Connors

By Gwen Costello

May 27
Pentecost Sunday
John 20:19-23

For your reflection
On this glorious day, Jesus said to his disciples: “Peace be with you; receive the Holy Spirit.” Use this greeting for your Pentecost prayer and in the days and weeks ahead. The Holy Spirit dwells in your heart: Return to this thought often.

With your class
Though classes are over, take time to go over your class list, praying for each child that the Holy Spirit may enter his or her heart and mind—sometimes against all odds. Pray too that the Spirit will guide you as you renew your commitment to share your faith as a catechist.

Gwen Costello

Gwen Costello is author of A Prayerbook for Catechists and Blessed Are You! A Prayerbook for Catholics, both available from Twenty-Third Publications.

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