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  • Welcome To Catechist Magazine!

    by RTJ's Creative Catechist Staff

    RTJ's Creative Catechist has become Catechist Magazine! Here's a letter from editory Robyn Lee to subscribers about the change.  Dear RTJ’s Creative Catechist Reader, What I love most about being the editor of RTJ’s Creative Catechist… read more

  • Technology in the Classroom

    by Lisa Mladinich

    Catechists are pretty savvy when it comes to online resources. For instance, most of us search the Internet at lightning speed to access free materials like Catholic coloring pages, lesson plans, or craft instructions. Many of us create our own worksheets, word… read more

  • Free Resources for Catechists

    by Lisa Mladinich

    We are so blessed to be catechists in the digital age. An abundant and increasing supply of excellent Catholic resources continues to flood the Internet for our use, free of charge. Here are some of my favorites. The United States Conference … read more

  • Teaching with Wordle

    by Tim Welch

    Many educators use “word clouds” to teach key concepts and generate discussions. Imagine your students arriving and seeing the words above projected on a screen. You hand them a New American Bible, and challenge them to find the source of… read more

  • How blogging can make you a better catechist

    by Tim Welch

    As a catechist, I like to explore new technology to see how it might enhance my ministry. After all, I’m always looking for good ways to build up my tool kit. Sometimes I like to explore older tools to see how I can use them in new ways. Let&rsquo… read more

  • How to email your Wordle

    by RTJ's Creative Catechist Staff

    In the January issue of RTJ's Creative Catechist, we highlighted an online program called “Wordle” that creates word clouds. Ideally, students could capture their Wordle and email it to you. This can be done in Windows by: 1. pressing … read more

  • Teaching faith to the Internet generation

    by M. Rex Miller

    Today, “change” is a hot topic. Every conference I attend claims to describe “the next new thing.” However, most confuse substance with style. Making the old ways “hip” is not change. Catechists and teachers are already… read more

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