Teaching Tips


  • Five Ways to Motivate Catechists

    by Lisa Mladinich

    Volunteer catechists are amazing people. In fact, I often refer to them affectionately as “my people” because they understand the importance of the challenging work they do, even when it’s hard to see the fruit of their efforts. When speaking to this … read more

  • Special Needs Curricula

    by Daria Sockey

    Special Needs Curricula Many standard religion programs can be adapted for special needs, but there are two complete curricula developed specifically for special needs students. One is a brand new program, the other a revision of an older program. Both will… read more

  • A Radiant Life of Witness

    by Lisa Mladinich

    “Then you shall see him and be radiant.” (Isaiah 60:5) I posted a complaint on Facebook a few weeks ago: I was feeling uninspired. Right away, a friend remarked that she always starts every day in praise. I was taken aback, realizing that… read more

  • Yes, You CAN Be A Catechist

    by Sarah Reinhard

    If you think that being a catechist takes a big investment of time, you’re right. But that time is a gift you give, not just to your parish but to the entire Church. Our kids aren’t just the future of our Church; they are our Church&mdash… read more

  • Three Books Every Catechist Should Have

    by Sarah Reinhard

    For catechists, there’s no shortage of good material—there are enough resources to drown a good swimmer. Here’s a look at the three books I find non-negotiable in my own teaching and advising. It’s a back-to-basics sort of approach: the Bible… read more

  • Partnering with Teens in the New Evangelization

    by Eric Groth

    Teenage life is filled with countless and continuous conversations: talking, texting, tweeting, posting; online, in person, on the phone. Teens chat about everything: the weather, movies, classes, work, people, relationships, concerts, trends, their … read more

  • It's Really About the Parents

    by Sarah Reinhard

    You sign up to teach fifth grade, only to find out that you're having as many conversations and answering as many questions with parents as you are with kids. It can be intimidating, to say the least.   The assumptions by many parents, it seems, … read more

  • How Can I Keep My Kid Catholic in College?

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Cross-posted from our sister publication, Catholic Digest --ed. Q. My eldest daughter is heading off to college this fall. She has been in Catholic schools since kindergarten but is going to a secular university. I’m worried she may not attend… read more

  • May I Have Your Attention, Please?

    by Lee Danesco

    It happens with frustrating frequency. You come to class packing a solid, well-prepared teaching plan only to be met by disappointing student indifference. You are fully centered on the lesson for the day, but your students decidedly are not. Your immediate teaching… read more

  • How do I celebrate a great year with the kids?

    by Susan Kay

    I want my students to understand the Easter season and Pentecost. There's so little time to do justice to these feasts. Any suggestions?During the liturgies of Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost, we hear and experience the central story of our faith. Awe… read more

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